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Book your FREE iHeart reading with any PT or nutritional consultation with us.

PLUS receive 4 iHeart readings with every 10-session package purchased.


Nutritional Consultation Prices


Full nutritional consultation: 

1.5 hours – £95

1.5 hours – £125 (London area)

Includes: full nutritional profile, FREE iHeart reading, recommendations for 2 tests, supplementation and wellness products.


Mango Fitness Package Prices


Please Note: Any single session or package can only be booked once the full payment has been received 48 hours (minimum) prior to the beginning of the session. 

Standard Wellness Package

£275 (expires 5 weeks from the first training session)

£435 (London area)

Includes 5 personal training sessions, a one-off nutritional consultation and one iHeart reading.

Ideal as an introductory package for customers wishing to try our services or who lead a busy lifestyle. The nutritional consultation is designed to understand any problematic dietary and lifestyle factors, however for sufficient tracking of progress we recommend our wellness package. 


Mango Wellness Package

£520 (expires after 6 weeks from the first training session)

£850 (London area)

Includes a full nutritional consultation and profile, 4 FREE iHeart readings and 10 personal training sessions.

Ideal for those seeking a holistic approach to their health, this package will allow you to tackle any unique problems or goals you may be facing. As an integrated compliment to your training program, our nutritional profiling includes any necessary advice concerning lifestyle, dietary and/or further laboratory testing. Our NEW iHeart technology will also allow you to track your internal age. 


Mini Wellness (Under 16s) Package

£430 (expires after 8 weeks from the first training session)

£620 (London area)

Includes a full nutritional consultation and profile and 10 personal training sessions.

Ideal for parents seeking to simply improve their child’s health, tackle a particular health issue or for parents seeking sports-specific training. As with our adult wellness package, the nutritional consultation and on-going profiling is designed to compliment the training program. 


One-off session/consultation

£60 for 1 hour**

£90 (London area)

Children’s one-off consultation

£45 for 1 hour**

£60 (London area)


** All one-off personal training sessions are available only to new customers. 

*The prices quoted above are for the Berkshire / Buckinghamshire / London area only.

For all other locations please contact Mango Fitness directly for a quote.


Terms and Conditions:

  • Any personal training session, package or consultation purchased is non-refundable.
  • No training or consultation session will commence until the total fee has been paid by the client.
  • The client agrees to confirm every session or consultation 24 hours in advance. If the client does not confirm the session with the trainer 24 hours beforehand the session will be charged.
  • If the client is late for a session or consultation both may be extended at the discretion of the trainer depending upon the latter’s scheduling and availability.
  • If the trainer is late for a session or consultation, the session or subsequent sessions will be extended for the period of time the trainer was late.
  • Members of the family can use the client’s sessions with the latter’s written and signed permission only.
  • Unused sessions may be exchanged for nutrition and beauty products at Mango Fitness upon agreement with the company Founder.



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