“My love for propolis goes back to the childhood summers I spent with my grandmother in Ukraine. Our neighbours and friends had beehives and I was really spoiled for choice of almost any kind of bee products – honey, bee pollen, propolis, bee wax etc. I grew up with the most natural and nutritious handmade honey grown locally, consequently developing a very strong love and understanding of how important bees are to our planet and our well-being.”

~ Yelena Paul

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Honey is known to have been used since ancient times for various medicinal purposes. It is the essence of nature and the epitome of natural nutrition. Propolis is another amazing bee product. It originates with the resinous substance that bees gather from leaf buds and is then transformed into a strong protection for their beehives. Propolis (over 180 natural compounds of propolis have been identified) is therefore essential to the vitality and health of the bee and is additionally a natural antibiotic.


Part of propolis’ healing value lies in its impressive therapeutic properties:



  • Stimulates macrophages
  • Prevents platelet aggregation
  • Prevents Eicosanoid Synthesis



  • Propolis has an anti-herpetic and anti-viral effect on some flu viruses, especially A2



  •  Inhibits the development of Candida, Candida Albicans, Torulopsis, Saccharomyces and Cryptococcus etc.


Among its main scientifically proven properties:



  • Propolis stimulates the prevention of cell division involved in germ growth, the disorganization of the cytoplasm, cytoplasmic-membranes and cellular membranes. It’s also effective in limiting the growth of the germs that cause tooth decay

Anaesthetic action

  • When applied as a topical anesthetic (containing a propolis-based formula) causes a decrease in skin sensitivity


Mango Fitness Recommends 


Sprays for Soothing

The Sprays



Solbeil Oral Spray (propolis, honey, thyme, sage oils)
Comforting relief for the ENT region against colds and hay fever to dust or pollen. Possesses a very high anti-bacterial activity.

Propolia Oral Spray (propolis, mint, aloe, orange )
Soothes sensitive throats and refreshes breath. Suitable for children over 3 years old (less then 1% of alcohol).

Solbeil Nasal Spray (propolis, eucalyptus, rosemary and thyme extracts, white nettle, sea salt)
Purifies and protects nasal cavities. Possesses a very high anti-bacterial activity.


Improve Your Circulation

The Gels


4 Seasons Balm (propolis, sesame oil, juniper, lavender)
Contains the purifying power of propolis in combination with essential oils. To apply: massage onto chest area to help breathing and ensure a good night’s sleep.

Light Legs Gel (propolis, ginkgo, peppermint, red vine)
Provides immediate relief for tired and swollen legs leaving no residue on the skin.

Sensitive Feet Gel (propolis, thyme, peppermint, aloe)
Cleans and soothes the most tired feet, regulates excessive perspiration and gets rid of undesired odours.


Well-being, Vitality, Energy

Relaxation Capsules (magnesium, gentian, propolis)
Antioxidant properties help to regain peace and concentration. Propolis also fights oxidative stress, a consequence of physical stress.

Organic rest tea  (marshmallow, linden, sweet orange, propolis)
Ideal when taken after a meal. A relaxing cup of tea perfect for a good night’s sleep.

Tonic Potion (honey, ginger, acerola, propolis, pollen, guarana, ginseng, grapefruit seeds)
Recommended treatment of temporary tiredness. Use in the course of 10 -20 days to increase endurance by strengthening natural defenses. Also improves concentration and reduces stress.
Exclusion of caffeinated drinks within 4 hours of tonic potion consumption is necessary.



Propolis should not be used in cases of known allergy to bee products. Generally, propolis is not toxic neither in human pathology nor in animal pathology. There may be a risk of allergy encountered in a reaction to tiger balm or poplar balm. No other allergic reaction has been found. 

Currently, there is no standardized dosage consensus on propolis-based formulas and products. However it is important to remember that propolis is a non-toxic substance which does not cause harm even at high dosages. 

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