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Propolia is a French subsidiary company of Apimab Laboratories, which specialize in wellness products using propolis as a key ingredient due to its anti-bacterial and moisturising powers. Yelena has personally chosen the products listed on this page for her clients with the purpose of maintaining general health, clarity, relaxation and balance within the body. Among the products offered by Mango Fitness are: relaxation tea, nasal and oral anti-bacterial sprays and leg creams and gels. There is additionally a skin range offered by Propolia that can be ordered upon request. Further information on these products is available on my Facebook page.

Enzymedica is dedicated to providing enzyme-focused supplements for clients suffering from food intolerances, indigestion, or general difficulty digesting dairy, gluten and casein. The modern diet is especially demanding of quickly prepared, processed and sugary foods forcing our bodies to rely almost entirely on our natural digestive enzymes. With aging, it is normal for your body to produce less and less enzymes necessary for healthy digestion. Recent studies have shown that with correct enzyme supplementation you can take meaningful steps towards improving your digestive health. Recommendations are available upon consultation with Yelena Paul, however a nutritional profile is recommended.

Innate Response Formulas are a unique supplementation company focusing on making the most of vitamins and antioxidants found in the most powerful healer of all – food. These additional supplements come in a variety of forms: from powders which can be taken with shakes and meals to capsules. The aim of these supplements is to provide a molecular structure the body can recognize and absorb quickly, free from any genetic modification and full of fresh, local ingredients. Supplementation in its purest, most organic form.



“I assure you that the products I chose are well researched, innovative, pure and will help you to feel energetic and full of life no matter your age!”

~Yelena Paul, Founder of Mango Fitness Ltd. 



*Please note that this page will be updated regularly and more products will be added, specifically for women‘s and children well-being.

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