Nutrition is a crucial component in women and children’s well being. The modern lifestyle demands a lot of our bodies on a daily basis, requiring nutritional attention uniquely tailored to the individual.

The value of nutrition in the modern mind-set is often underestimated, and it is precisely the profound response of our bodies to the minutest nutritional changes that fascinates me.

What I offer to my clients is a scientific insight into what is occurring in their bodies. Mango Fitness’s nutritional services encompass Hormonal , Specific Profiles, Food Intolerance and Lab Tests, in partnership with  Invivo Clinical and CNS laboratories.

Additionally, Mango Fitness provides a choice of Wellness Products.

Mango Fitness ensures constant attendance in the leading international expos and seminars to keep its clients updated and well informed about the latest supplements and superfoods on the world market. Please follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to stay up to date with Yelena’s most recent expo and seminar attendances, and do come and say hello!

Nutritional Consultation Prices 


Initial nutritional consultation: 1.5 hours – £95

Includes: full nutritional profile, FREE iHeart reading, recommendations for 2 tests, supplementation and wellness products.

Follow-up consultation: 1 hour – £60


*Please Note: The prices quoted above are for the Berkshire area only (excluding Skype). For all other locations please contact Mango Fitness directly for a quote.



Vitafoods Expo, 2014,Geneva



Vitafoods Expo, 2016,Geneva


Vitafoods Expo, 2016,Geneva


~Jackie W. 60 y.o,

“Yelena has been training me for more than 10 years, and throughout that time, her approach has been to maintain my wellness, so that I am fit and strong, and able to exercise at full capacity.

As a result of following Yelena’s advice, and taking supplements she recommends, now 60 years old, I am free from all medication and the debilitating side effects which often accompany them.

I sailed through the menopause naturally, again following Yelena’s advice and instruction, and I am really grateful.   Any symptom or complaint that I may have, Yelena usually has the answer, and if she doesn’t, she researches until she can advise me accordingly.

Yelena also takes the time to introduce me to many different products to try, including delicious snacks, body creams, toothpastes, teas, seeds and sprouts, many things I would never try without her encouragement, and which often become staples in my daily routine.

She simply never gives up on me, always coming up with new supportive nutritional ideas, and on top of all that, I know I can trust her implicitly. She is so professional in her approach, and I can’t imagine life without Yelena.

~Sumi T. 50 y.o,

“I am very pleased with the help and advice given by Yelena on personal training and nutrition for last 5 to 6 years.

It has enormously helped me to improve my health and physical  fitness and  overall wellbeing of my life.

I lead a very busy life, heavy  working schedule and travel intensively. I would not have been able to cope with it ail and function effectively if not for Yelena’s help on balanced  exercise and nutrition regime.

I have done Vitamin D test, Omega 3 test and Food intolerance test in the past instructed by Yelena.

I have been taking the following supplements as a result:

Vitamin D , Vitamin C , Vitamin B complex, Zinc , Omega 3 , Co Q 10 and Magnesium etc.

I highly recommend Yelena’s service to anyone who is looking for improving well-being of their life.

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