MangoFit Woman is designed to provide help and advice, focusing on women's training and well being during different stages of their life. Yelena can provide professional guidance on issues including: fertility, pregnancy, post natal, peri-menopause and menopause. 


Recommended Tests:

  • Fertility Profile (bloodspot and urine) – £260


Recommended Tests:

  • Pre & Post Birth DHA ultimate (bloodspot) – £110

  • Mothers Milk DHA / for Nursing Mums – £85


Recommended Tests:

  • Female Hormones Comprehensive I (bloodspot and saliva) – £225

  • Female Hormones Comprehensive II (bloodspot and saliva) – £255

Other Hormonal Tests for Women

  • Estrogen Profile (urine sample) – £209

  • Skin Vitality Profile (bloodspot and saliva sample) – £193

  • Thyroid Profile w/ Vitamin D – (bloodspot) – £160

Other tests are available upon request.

Yelena's pre post-natal tips were published:

Consumer Health Digest's Expert Roundup on Healthy Pregnancy Tips 2017


~Jackie W.

"Quite simply, Yelena saved my life! She realised my body wasn't functioning correctly, and successfully reorganised my diet and exercise routine. The fog has lifted, my energy levels have increased enormously, my disposition much happier, and my health restored. Weight loss has been steady and successful, and I find Yelena incredibly encouraging. I trust her totally. I highly recommend her. She has become a very valuable part of my life, which I shouldn't wish to relinquish."

~Clare N.

"I am really pleased to recommend Yelena as a personal trainer. When I first approached Yelena we discussed my reasons for training and what I wanted to achieve from our sessions. Yelena listened and responded by creating a programme that has been instrumental in my progression to becoming a fitter, healthier and stronger person. One of Yelena’s many strengths is her ability to continuously change and adapt my training routines depending on how I am feeling or what my immediate goals may be. Yelena is conversant with her subject and demonstrates this through her willingness to share her knowledge and understanding in areas of both fitness and nutrition. I am really pleased I have met Yelena as her strong desire and commitment to her work coupled with her enthusiasm and great sense of fun means I look forward to training as I know that they will be great sessions that are delivering measurable results."





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Post Natal workout

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