Mango Fitness Newsletter 2019

Mango Fitness Newsletter 2019 2018 has been an incredibly busy, intense and inspirational year for us. It began with a seminar in London, led by Cambridge Nutritional Sciences concerning a new test called the Adrenal Function Profile. This test is very useful in assessing (and managing) stress levels as well as the hormones concerned. In

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Mango Fitness Spring Newsletter 2017

Spring is coming and we better to be ready for a summer shining sun! Whatever you are looking for – A LIGHTER SNACK AFTER WORKOUT,or a good quality cold pressed oils, latest cancer prevention news..or a best lab. test for you, which can reflect your present health status – MangoFitness can help. Since the last

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‘The Pool’ Article: North West Has a Personal Trainer

North West has a more documented, more glamorous, more bizarre life than most other toddlers. For example, this week it was revealed that North’s downtime is significantly more regimented than the average two-year-old’s because as well as being a tap dance and ballet aficionado, she has a personal trainer. As a toddler, she obviously doesn’t

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Fitness & children – Setting them on the right path.

“Talented kids are everywhere. We just have to develop the means to identify them and then expose them to well-planned and methodical training.” Bompa .1985. How do I choose the right exercise for my child? The modern life and hectic lifestyle of many families nowadays is increasingly made up of driving, TV, video games, mobile

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Camexpo Interview: Yelena Paul, Personal Trainer & Nutritional Advisor

Full name: Yelena Paul Job title: Founder of Mango Fitness / Personal Trainer & Nutritional Adviser Town: Berkshire Tell us a bit about your background and what led you into complementary medicine? I have a masters degree in PE and a diploma in Physical Rehabilitation Exercises from Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth & Tourism,

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5 safe exercises to do during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very special time in any women’s life. Hormonal changes will take place before and during pregnancy, which will reflect on how the woman will feel during exercises too. Being a mother myself I found that training before, during and after the pregnancy helped me to understand a lot; especially how a woman’s

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