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We are your monthly peek of news, research and insights into nutrition, training and psychology from global sources to help you ultimately live a healthy lifestyle. First, I would like express my gratitude to my clients who are a large source of inspiration and passion.

I expect that this newsletter will reach you just before Christmas, so I will mention highlights for this year and for the last couple of months especially. Mango Fitness’ largest events in 2015 were the Organic Show, Camexpo, the Gluten Free Expo, Food Matters and the Functional Sports Nutrition conference. We came back feeling inspired from many seminars, new foods, research, snacks, teas, some of which you may have already tried, as Mango Fitness strives to keep its clients and readers updated on its recent discoveries.

As you already know, last year saw the introduction of food intolerance tests for up to 200 foods with Cambridge Nutritional Science with whom I completed training and registration. Some of my clients have already completed tests and the results speak for themselves. Some of our clients also checked their vitamin D status for rheumatoid arthritis risk. Vitamin D, being a major prohormone in the body against inflammation and cancer, is vital to our long-term and everyday health. I would recommend checking vitamin D status 2-3 times in a year because it takes 3-6 months to build up a reserve in the liver.Please be aware that the last day for Camnutri to receive your vitamin D test is the 3rd December. For a food print test the final day is 14th December and all other tests must be in before the 8th December until Camnutri will open again on the 4th January 2016.

Mango Fitness was also thrilled to start working with Invivo Clinical this year, a leading health and wellness company based in the USA, as well as the nutraceutical brands Innate Response and designs for Health. Invivo Clinical’s variety of tests is one of the most advanced in UK, owning eight labs each specialising on a specific body system. The specificity of the tests is likewise impressive among them: nagalase test, essential in spotting early signs of inflammation and possibly cancer. Tests designed for female health are also available including hormonal tests, which can help spot with early symptoms of menopause, infertility, or any general discomfort. There are more than 60 profiles available so if you haven’t already, please contact us and find what is right for you! Whatever you choose, your test will be completed within the comfort of your own home according to your availability. With the exception of course of specific blood tests which may be required to be completed in London. Please double check with us before booking!

Our final and incredibly rewarding experience was our summer sell-out of the new-for-2015 Propolia range (brochure available on website). We received wonderful responses from everyone who purchased Propolia products so we will do our best to bring back the range next year as soon as we can.

Thank you to YOU our first readers, our clients and your support for Mango Fitness and what we stand for.

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